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What is stuttering?

Stuttering is a type of speech fluency disorder that is characterized by abnormal interruptions in the forward flow of speech. It not only affects the continuity of speech, but also its rhythm, rate, and the effort it takes to talk. We all have “dysfluencies,” or stutter sometimes when we’re talking, but clinical stuttering is determined by the frequency, duration, and type of stuttering. In addition, the speaker often feels a significant loss of control. Many people who stutter may avoid speaking situations altogether or change their intended message to avoid it.

What causes stuttering?

Nobody knows for sure! Stuttering is a complex and multi-faceted disorder. Most researchers believe, however, that a neurological predisposition is at play that is commonly passed down genetically. Many people who stutter have someone else in their family who also stutters. Stuttering in adults can also be acquired through neurological injury or disease, such as a traumatic brain injury.

Does anxiety cause stuttering?

Short answer: No. Complicated answer: Yes and no. While it is not the underlying cause, anxiety does play a significant role in maintaining and exasperating stuttered speech. A key component of therapy involves helping the stutterer reduce their anxieties about stuttering and ultimately stutter less.

Is there a cure?

Unfortunately, there is no permanent cure for stuttering at this time. Periods of stuttering versus fluent speech vary for each individual and may be cyclical for some. If left untreated, it can sometimes increase in severity and lead to other secondary behaviors such as physical tics and avoidance of speaking situations. Speech therapy can provide effective strategies to decrease the severity of stuttered speech, increase fluency, and help the client identify and modify contributing factors.

You can learn more general facts about stuttering by visiting the ASHA website.

About me

Hello. I'm Amy. I am a credentialed and licensed Speech-Language Pathologist based in Portland, Oregon and specializing in fluency disorders. I am dual-licensed in the states of Oregon and California. I discovered telepractice in 2017 and have several years of experience with assessment and treatment via an online platform. I use a holistic and tailored approach to therapy, utilizing a variety of fluency shaping ("talk more fluently") and fluency modification ("stutter more easily") techniques, along with addressing the thoughts and feelings that feed into and maintain dysfluent speech. I feel fortunate to accompany you on this journey toward greater self-acceptance, confidence, and more fluent speech!
Amy Preci, M.S., CCC-SLP


I offer assessment and treatment of fluency disorders at affordable rates for clients of all ages residing in the states of Oregon and California. (Important: you must be physically in the states of OR or CA in order for me to legally provide you services via telepractice!) Please note, I cannot accept insurance at this time. You may pay via Stripe or credit or debit card.

  • Initial Assessment: $150
  • 30-minute therapy session: $45
  • 50-minute therapy session: $75

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